X-Band Internal Reference PLL LNB

Model: SPCR4300AN

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-1 RF Input Frequency 7.25 to 7.75GHz
-2 IF Output Frequency 950 to 1450MHz
-3 Local Frequency 6.3GHz
-4 Local Frequency Initial Offset ±6.3KHz max. @+23
-5 Local Frequency Stability ±12.5KHz max. @over temp.
-6 Local Phase Noise -75dBc/Hz max. @1KHz

-85dBc/Hz max. @10KHz

-95dBc/Hz max. @100KHz

-105dBc/Hzmax. @1MHz

-7 Local Leakage -60dBm max at waveguide flange.
-8 Noise Figure 0.7dB typ. @+23
-9 Gain 62dB±4dB @Over temp. and freq.
-10 Gain Flatness ±2.0dB max. @Over band
-11 Amplitutde Response ± 1.5dB max. @ over any 120MHz band

± 0.5dB max. @ over any 10MHz band

-12 Gain Stability ±1.0dB max. @Over a 24hr at +25
-13 Input VSWR 2.5:1 max.
-14 Output VSWR 2.0:1 max.
-15 Image Rejection -60dBc max.
-16 P1dB +15dBm min.
-17 Signal Independent Spurious -60dBm max. @RX-band
-18 Signal Related Spurious -65dBc max. @0dBm output, RX-band
-19 Densense level -40dBm, 7.9 – 8.4GHz

@No more than 0.1dB of noise figure degradation

-20 Overdrive -20dBm @Non-damaging
-21 Input DC Power +15 to +24VDC, 500mA

@ Multiplexed on a single coaxial connector with the IF.

-22 Input Interface WR-112 waveguide, FPBR-84 flange
-23 Output Interface 50?, N-type female coaxial connector.


No Item Specification
-1 Size (L) 113mm x (W) 70mm x (H) 55mm
-2 Weight approx. 550g
-3 Color White, Munsel N9.5, semigloss


No Item Specification
-1 Operating Temperature -40 to +60
-2 Operating Altitude 10,000 ft ASL
-3 Operating Relative Humidity 100%, condensing
-4 Non-operating Temperature -50 to +70
-5 Non-operating Altitude 50,000 ft. ASL
-6 F Shock 20g, 11ms, half sine
-7 Vibration MIL-STD-810E, method 514-4

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